Sulawesi Relief Aid

I had been volunteering with Yayasan Project Karma in Indonesia since the Lombok earthquake on the 7th of August.  During the summer holidays we were there giving medical treatment, food and water.  One week after the earthquake we set up an emergency school for 400 students in different grades.  We have other programmes that will be implemented soon.

To provide help to the Sulawesi Relief Aid, Project Karma asked me to lead the team providing medical treatment.  My husband and I have also raised funds from our friends and family, and those funds are going towards medical supplies, food, water, tents, tarps, mosquito nets, blankets, sarongs and clothing (as it’s too long if we wait for a drive for second hand clothing).

At the moment Project Karma is still providing medical treatment and water filters in cooperation with other foreign NGOs, for example, Water for Waves, Backpackers Medic and HARP and soon we will be opening an emergency school fully funded by Project Karma in the most affected area.

I had one emotional moment, when I held a young girl, Putri, who is 9 years old and who had been dehydrated for 60 hours. She was in a critical stage as she was under the water when the tsunami hit, and we did our best, but in the end we had to send her to the hospital. She is now well and I cannot wait to see her when I’m back.

What we give to these people is HOPE, and let them know that they are not alone.

Sari Wilson | Marlborough College Malaysia parent

In the words of one of our pupils: We have access to everything the world has to offer, and the people of Sulawesi have lost everything that they had to offer the world. This is the time where we show everyone, everywhere, what it truly means to be a Marlburian.
Agung Mann | Sixth Form

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