Rawa Diving Trip

On the 19th of October, a group of Shell, Remove and one Year 7 pupil departed from MCM after an exciting Nations Day to go to Rawa Island for a diving trip.  The group consisted of certified and uncertified Padi Divers.  To get to the remote but exotic island we had to take a two-hour bus journey to Mersing so we could then take a 30-minute boat trip to the island.


When we first arrived on Rawa we were just astonished by the natural beauty of the island. Just after we got off the boat we had a briefing on what we were going to do during our stay on the island and also where we would be sleeping.


After a peaceful night, we all woke up to our first and only full day on the Island.  We had two dives that day.  Our first dive was the most stressful but interesting dive as this was the first time we were diving outside of the comfort zone of the swimming pool.  The second dive was more exciting for all the divers especially as the powerful current on the first dive was no longer present, as well as there being fewer sea lice in the water.  We just finished this dive as a storm reached the island.  Our free time was spent relaxing in our rooms as it was raining.

On the second and last day, we completed another two dives before departing Rawa to head back to MCM.  Before going on our dives we had fun on the well known Rawa water slide.  Overall the dives on the second day were more interesting as the water was clearer and we saw more aquatic life including stingrays, moray eels and sweet lips.


Overall this trip was a blast, being fun, entertaining and interesting. We are all grateful for Mrs Glynn, Mr Cowie and Mr Tolba for taking us on this exotic trip.


William McLaughlin | Shell Pupil



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