MCM Rocks

The theme for the 2018 Rock Show was that of Grunge.  The genre which dominated the musical tastes throughout the 1990s is still influencing the music of today, and the impact of this was clearly evident through the performances of more than 120 Marlburians representing every year group of the Senior School, as well as members of the Prep School.  The Wykeham Hall was awash with light as the Shell took to the stage with the opening number, ‘All the Small Things’ by the band Blink 182.  This magnificent rendition led into an orchestral version of ‘Learn to Fly’ by the Foo Fighters, a band who would be represented several more times over the course of the evening.  Following the Foo Fighters came an apt Nirvana set, beginning with their most influential and iconic song, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ performed by one of the more established MCM bands, ‘Brixless’.  Following two more Nirvana classics, we were treated to the Shell band, ‘Trixters’ playing more teeny bopping songs by Paramore which really started to get the crowd going.  No MCM Rocks! would be the same without an appearance by Dr Tomlinson, and he was joined by some members of the Sixth Form to perform a Greenday classic, ‘Basket Case’, and the second Foo Fighters song of the evening, ‘The Pretender’.

After a pizza-filled interval, the Orchestra and Shell kick-started a Greenday set with ’21 Guns’, swiftly followed by ‘Holiday’ and a very beautiful choral arrangement of ‘Good Riddance (Time of your life)’.  We were then transported back to the early 2000s with some All American Rejects and the Wheatus classic, ‘Teenage Dirtbag’.  By this stage the 500-strong crowd was really rocking as the Wykeham Hall began to feel more like the Brixton Academy!  What followed was remarkable as the Hundred band, Tinfoil Tantrums arrived on stage in their tinfoil hats to give us some Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the third Foo Fighters song of the evening, ‘Everlong’.  The evening was rounded off with the return of Brixless performing ‘Centuries’ by Fallout Boy and Greenday’s ‘American Idiot’ which was a suitable rousing end to an outstanding evening.

Geraint Watkins |  Director of Music

Photographs from Marlborough College Malaysia, Jackson McNaught and Maiya Ali

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