Inter-House Singing Competitions

House Harmony and House Shout

The annual inter-House singing competitions took place last Tuesday, and they certainly did not fail to impress.  Taking place in the Wykeham Hall, these competitions proved to match the grandeur of their setting without any problem.  Every member of the assembled audience felt sorry for this year’s adjudicator, Peter Huang from the Singaporean A Cappella group, MiCappella.  The House Harmony, which includes performances from each of the Senior Houses, began with Butler House, the victors from last year performing a Beatles medley.  This was a brave move, taking on a complicated arrangement of some well-known songs.  Their performance was outstanding but was also matched by the Houses that followed, so much so that the extra time afforded to Peter Huang by the Senior School assembly which followed the singing was greatly appreciated to allow him to thoroughly scrutinise the performances.  The eventual winners were Honan with their arrangement of ‘Pretty Woman’ by Roy Orbison.

As the sun came down on the College, the boarding community gathered in the Wykeham Hall for the House Shout.  Despite its name, the House Shout is always a wonderfully melodious occasion, and with the addition of Steel as a second Senior girls boarding house this year, the event proved to be even more spectacular than ever this year.  As always, the Prep Houses started proceedings with Taylor House singing a very atmospheric rendition of ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragons.  This was mightily impressive and really had Iskandar on their toes as they got onto the stage to perform ‘Birds Set Free’ by Sia.

For the Senior competition, as with the House Harmony, last year’s winners had been drawn out of the hat first to begin proceedings.  As Honan approached the stage the room fell silent and the senior competition began.  Honan performed a flawless rendition of ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by Train.  Indeed, it was a difficult performance to follow, but the boys of Munawir Hill did Mr Calverd proud with their performance of ‘All Star’ by Smash, bringing the house down with a formidable kazoo solo!  Munawir was followed by the ladies of Steel performing ‘Forget You’ by Cee Lo Green before Wills rounded off the evening, with ‘Love Runs Out’ by One Republic.

Once again, Peter Huang had a virtually impossible task to pick a winner of both the Senior and Prep cups.  Iskandar had not won the cup outright for several years, so the girls were delighted to be awarded the prize this year whilst Honan girls kept the trophy for the fifth year in a row, extending the record that they have set.

Once again the pupils of MCM have wowed the audiences watching their performances.  Congratulations to all of the Houses for treating us to such wonderful music!

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