Senior School Lunchtime Concert

The first lunchtime concert of the academic year took place today in the Morris Gallery. There was a healthy amount of support for the six Senior School pupils who performed. We were treated to Chopin’s ‘Grande Valse Brilliante’ which had been performed at the Johor Bahru piano festival only last weekend; ‘Sunrise on the Matterhorn’ by Christina Rollin; a ‘Romanze’ by Mozart; a beautiful Waltz by Webber; and fiddly French ‘Gigue’ by J S Bach. These piano pieces were rounded off with the contrasting ‘Let You Down’ by the American rapper NF, expertly played on the drum kit. Lunchtime concerts are always a wonderful opportunity for music to be performed in a less formal environment and gives an invaluable experience to our wonderfully talented musicians.

Geraint Watkins Director of Music

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