CIS Swimming Gala

On Saturday, 15 September, MCM welcomed the Canadian International School, Singapore for our first Swimming Gala of the year.

The warm up saw more than 60 children in the pool aged from under 8 up to 14 years. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with many spectators on the pool side.

Marlborough performed well, especially considering that we had only been back at training for two weeks after a long summer break.

These events would not be possible without our dedicated beaks: marshalling, starting, timing, managing teams and commentating. Thank you all for your hard work to help the smooth running of the Gala.

The parents who deliver their children to early morning training each week also deserve to be acknowledged. We would not have had over 40 swimmers there on Saturday without you.

We are looking forward to the next Gala and to seeing a steady improvement in our times and performance with more training over the coming months.

Mrs Wright 
Head of Swimming

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