2018 IB Diploma Results

Sixth Form pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia celebrated their excellent IB Diploma Programme results on 6th July. Two of the college’s senior prefects achieved near perfect scores of 43 points, while 17% of their fellow students achieving 39+, compared with a world average of only 5% who achieve within this top band. Overall, Marlborough College IB candidates again achieved well beyond the global average and the College’s first ever IB Music candidates scored a perfect 7, while other new subjects such as Literature and Performance also rewarded their pioneering candidates with a series of excellent marks. Another notable feature of Marlborough is that, unlike many schools, boys and girls achieve equally well here with neither gender dominating the results. This is all highly commendable from what is a non-selective academic cohort.

The Master of the College, Alan Stevens, commented: “I am delighted that this cohort has achieved great success in the IB Diploma Programme. Their hard work has been rewarded and the nature of the IB will ensure that they are exceptionally well-prepared for the intellectual demands of university study. Congratulations are due to all the pupils, the beaks who have taught them and all those who have supported and sustained them in their journey through MCM.

Many of our pupils have now secured places at leading universities around the world, including Oxford, Edinburgh, Imperial, LSE, UCL, King’s, Hong Kong, NUS, Melbourne, UCLA, Purdue, British Columbia and Toronto among others.

They leave Marlborough prepared not just to be students but, having learned the lessons of companionship, compassion and conversation, to be dynamic members of their new societies, wherever they may be”.

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