The Jungle Book

On the 12th and 13th of June, the jungle took over the theatre at Marlborough College Malaysia as a cast of twenty-one Year 7’s and 8’s dazzled the school with their production of The Jungle Book. The production was a playful take on the classic Rudyard Kipling novel, with a healthy dose of everyone’s favourite Disney songs thrown in.

The audience followed Mowgli’s daring adventures with Baloo, Bagheera and Ka as they attempted to ward off the villain Shere Kahn with a mysterious weapon; the red flower. The jungle’s enemies finally come together in a final, ferocious storm to celebrate the end of the wicked Shere Kahn, and witness the peace that is granted for all those who keep jungle law.

The amazing set and costumes provided an explosion of colour and vibrancy that captivated the audience. The cast were truly dedicated throughout the rehearsal process and never ceased to amaze me with their ideas.

The Jungle Book was an accumulation of many hours of rehearsals and work from the whole cast and production team. Thank you to everyone involved for contributing to a magical show.

Mary Grinstead
Head of Prep Drama

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