Creative Music Workshop

More than 120 pupils in the Prep School between Years 6 to 8 participated in a large-scale creative music workshop led by acclaimed workshop leader, Filipe Sousa. In these sessions, pupils were given the opportunity to write their own music before performing it in front of an audience as part of a large ensemble.  This then culminated in a performance which was conceptualised, composed and rehearsed over three days, featuring newly-written music as the sum of every pupil’s collaborative and creative efforts during the workshop.

This level of inclusiveness here at Marlborough College Malaysia is evidence of how proud we are to be able to offer to all pupils, regardless of ability, opportunities to be involved in music-making on such a scale.

Throughout each day of workshops, pupils worked on a myriad of musical styles and compositional approaches, including minimalism and serialism. Elements from different musical cultures were also explored, in particular a piece which featured complex Indian tala rhythms and percussive konnakol-styled syllables. Other pieces were devised programmatically, working on themes such as life under the sea and the passage of time and using instruments to create soundscapes to evoke different environments and emotions.

The showcase at the end of this creative process was a delightful testament to our pupils’ willingness to explore boldly and express musical ideas. Well done to all the pupils involved, and a note of thanks to Filipe for running these annual workshops for the third consecutive year.

Mr Ang
Director of Prep School Music

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