Butoh Fu: ‘Pop-up’ theatre event

On Friday, 25th May, the Lower Sixth IB Theatre class created a special ‘pop-up’ theatre event in the College’s Reflective Garden at midday.

Pupils have been studying Butoh, a form of Japanese Dance Theatre which is often known as a ‘Dance of Darkness’.  Through a series of workshops they have developed their own practice and created this piece, ‘Untitled’, drawing from their collectively written Butoh Fu.

Deep underground it rests

Awake, alive in the night

Infected eyes glow like death

Voices from below piercing through its flesh

Carrying its pain and sorrow

Filling its stomach with the epitome of your being

That flutters through the night, searching for another light

It relies on it for youth and life.

Slip through its fingers, its tongue does not cry.

It bites, slowly penetrating its rows of teeth into its prey

Wriggling out of its own skin

Let me into your life as I scatter what’s left behind.

Ms Inskip
Head of Drama.

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