Oceanic Awareness: Rawa Island

On the 27th of April, two of the Lower Sixth CAS groups embarked on their project weekend to Rawa. The purpose of the trip was to carry out surveys to collect data based on the overarching theme of the CAS projects, which was Oceanic Awareness.

During our three days in Rawa we were treated to informative presentations from the Orca Scuba instructors on topics such as the importance and destruction of coral and the huge problem of plastic in the ocean.  The instructors also helped us with the final planning of our surveys.

On our second day in Rawa, all the different groups carried out their surveys. A large variety of things were surveyed such as: ecotourism; coral cover; ocean acidification; oceanic waste; and coral bleaching. This trip allowed us to gain information that we can now share to raise the profile of oceanic awareness. Some of the more interesting findings included that there was one sea urchin per square metre on the Rawa reef!

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting our information in Assemblies in order to raise awareness and educate the pupil body about the ocean. We will also create an information database so that CAS groups in years to come can continue to collect data and compare it to our baseline data. I think that we have provided and set up the foundations of a very good CAS project.

Although we were on Rawa to collect data we also got the opportunity to snorkel around the incredible reef. We saw lots of interesting animals such as Turtles, Black tip reef sharks and blue spotted stingrays. By the end of the weekend, five of our pupils had also successfully achieved their PADI certification. It was, all in all, a very enjoyable trip and we each found it very eyeopening.

We would all like to thank Mr Gray and Mrs Tolba for taking us on this trip. 

Alex Harkins
L6, WA

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