MCM Chess Tournament

Over 40 girls and boys from the Senior School took part the inaugural MCM Chess Tournament of 2018. Idris Mohammad Affrin (U6) was crowned the first champion, with many superb performances over the course of five rounds on his route to the final. He met Danial Izat (R) in a competitive concluding match, who proved a very worthy opponent and an exciting prospect for the future. Chess players have been found to possess a higher spatial ability than others with comparable intelligence levels. They also possess a greater mental endurance, together with tolerance of frustration. A game of chess is a manifestation of both the will to win and the ability to create beauty, with the players aiming to surmount all complexity and to realise the opponent’s s plan and ideas. It was very pleasing to see such enthusiasm and keen interest for the “royal game” across such a broad range of year groups and we hope to encourage more players to learn how to enjoy the rigours of this discipline going forwards.

Mr Tapp

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