GCSE Art Exhibition

The GCSE Art Exhibition opened on Thursday, 10th May, in the Morris Gallery. Our 31 young artists were very well supported by the many parents, beaks, visitors and pupils who came to view their impressive artwork. They have worked hard over the past two years and confidently talked to their audience about their different ideas and personal outcomes.

Each artist is showing a coursework project and an examination project. They followed two themes over the course: ‘Structures’ and ‘Journeys’ and together these form their coursework portfolio. The examination or externally set assignment is based on the title ‘Fragments’ which was provided by Edexcel. The pupils received the title in late January and created the final artwork in a ten-hour examination. Every artist also has a large and impressive sketchbook for each project. We are delighted that an impressive number of our exhibiting artists are continuing with the subject next year.

Our congratulations go to our creative pupils and their supportive parents. We would like to thank all those who have made it possible, including Mrs Gallagher for the work she has put into teaching and supporting the pupils. The exhibition continues until the 25th May so you still have time to view the interesting, dynamic and original artworks on display. We look forward to next year’s exhibition with eager anticipation.

Mrs Lucy Prime
Head of Art

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