KL Tigers Touch Tournament Success

On Friday, 20th April, the under 18 Touch Rugby girls travelled up to KL for the KL Tigers Touch Tournament at Epsom College. We started the day with a game against the KL Tigers, narrowly losing 2-1. However, the girls used this loss as a learning experience and were able to take what they learnt into the following games. The second and final game of the first day was against the KL Saracens, which we won. The next day provided many more games and throughout all of them the Marlborough girls showed their determination through strong defence, preventing the opposing teams from scoring and without one try being conceded. This placed the Under 18 girls second over all in the ‘round robin’, giving them the opportunity to play KL Tigers again in the finals. The girls worked incredibly hard in both defence and attack and because neither team had scored by full time, there was an extended three minutes to play. After these three minutes also failed to produce a try, the game became even more intense when the girls had to go into drop-offs. The girls’ fitness really helped them to secure the winning try against KL Tigers, thereby winning the overall tournament. This result was very well deserved, rewarding the huge effort the girls have put in during the Touch season.

Asha Riley
Head of Girls’ Games

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