Climbing Competition KL

On Friday, 20th April, six Prep and ten Senior School pupils travelled to KL to participate in the College’s first-ever climbing competition. The event involved both bouldering and roped climbing, with pupils scoring points for how far they progressed up a route. It was great to see five schools and over 60 pupils competing in this Olympic sport.

Despite having to tackle some extremely difficult routes, MCM pupils climbed all afternoon without conceding. Many pupils made multiple attempts at the same route in order to improve on their previous performance. Scoring was individual and although none of our pupils made it into the top three finals, we had several in the top ten. The pupils also demonstrated excellent sportsmanship with their support for the schools which did progress to the finals.

In the Prep School, Edward Myles stood out for his anti-gravity ability and Tiana Steil performed very well, considering this was only her second time climbing. The Prep School girls managed to reach the top of most routes. In the Senior School, Jackson McNaught and Zach Ridzuan-Allen climbed to the limit, with impressive attempts on all of the hardest routes. Oliver Chessher managed to complete the ceiling section of the hardest bouldering route, while Eunice Lee put in a great performance and was our top female climber.

Overall MCM pupils put in an excellent performance for their first time in competition. With further training, we are optimistic for even better results next time.

Mr Gray
IA Co-ordinator

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