March 14th-16th brought a real sense of magic to the College as Senior Drama pupils delighted with a type of theatrical experience not seen at MCM before.  Audiences were treated to a fast-paced promenade journey transporting them as evacuees from the World War II tea party held at court, through a blackout shelter and train station, and being greeted by the housekeeper and professor, before following Lucy to enter Narnia through the Wardrobe doors. Inside the theatre space a spectacular set provided a perfect backdrop for the unfurling of the classic tale of good battling evil.

The characters of Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter, ably assisted by the Beaver Resistance and a collection of clowning Woodland creatures, were pitted against the White Witch and her Coven who had kidnapped Mr Tumnus with the help of the Inquisitors. With a climactic choreographed war sequence and a touching finale, with a cast rendition of “What a Wonderful World”, there really was something for everyone.

The piece was a wholly collaborative affair from start to finish where each pupil was an integral part of the ensemble and everyone who wished to be involved in the production was able to do so. Work was devised with the cast during rehearsals, whilst some talented older pupils also helped direct scenes and explore stage puppetry with the arrival of Aslan.

The performances were the culmination of many hours of work and we would like to congratulate the entire cast and crew on their efforts.

Charlie Inskip and Lilian Ashworth
The Directors

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