Marlborough Miles 2018

On Friday, 23rd March, Marlborough College Malaysia held its annual whole school charity event: Marlborough Miles 2018. This year’s theme was ‘The Great Escape’ with Prep and Senior School Houses challenged to outrun one another from court.

At 8.45am, all pupils, parents and beaks gathered on court to hear the Master ring the siren marking the start of the event. Despite the searing heat, the Marlborough community ran with good spirits and pushed hard to achieve a College total of 7081 miles, equivalent to running from Johor Bahru to Madrid.

The Prep School ran enthusiastically, with all four Houses accumulating an amazing total of 3708 miles, the same distance it would take to run to South Australia. With an average of seven miles per Prep pupil, Seymour won the challenge in the Prep School making it as far, in distance terms, as Java, Indonesia, followed by Hunt, Chichester and Merlin.

Senior School pupils completed 3373 laps of the Marlborough Miles, a fantastic effort and the equivalent distance from the College to the Kyrgyzstan.

It was a close call to determine the Senior School House winner; however, after calculating the total miles vs participants from each House, Wills took the top spot managing to run the same distance as it is to Sarawak, with Steel coming second and Munawir in third place.

The Marlborough community enjoyed a well deserved traditional Malaysian lunch which drew the popular event to a close.

Thank you to all pupils, parent and beaks who participated and who created a wonderful community spirit. Thanks also go to Friends of MCM for providing tea, coffee and refreshments and to CAS for the refreshing smoothies. Fundraising from the day will benefit two local causes: Care2Share and the Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation.

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