House Dance Competition

On Wednesday, 21st March, Senior School pupils and Beaks were treated to an array of eight group dance performances during Assembly. This year’s House Dance theme was “Fairy-tales: a break with tradition”, with each Senior School House given a different fairy-tale on which to base a dance.

Pupils were tasked with choreographing and performing, along with sourcing costumes and props, and arranging music. Fairy-tales ranged from ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ to ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and were interpreted in a variety of creative and comical ways. Butler House won with a performance of ‘The Little Mermaid’, which was a truly creative and thoroughly enjoyable interpretation of the classic tale.

Very well done to all the pupils involved for all of their hard work in this process and thanks also to Miss Grinstead for expertly judging the competition and providing valuable feedback to all our performers.

Ursula Runacres
Graduate Assistant

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