Frugal Lunch

On Tuesday 6th March MCM will host the annual ‘frugal lunch’. The event involves the entire senior school partaking in a simple meal of soup and bread to raise awareness of the important issues of food wastage and world famine. Money saved from providing a simpler meal will be donated towards outreach general funds and a donation will be made to the local charities, Care2share and Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation.

Our fantastic catering manager, Lewis Raj, has been working hard with suppliers to reduce costs of all the ingredients used to prepare the lunch. It has been humbling to see how the entire College community has supported the project.

Parthenia Thevar, an Outreach Champion in Remove, prepared an informative presentation which she delivered in Assembly informing senior school students about the plight of the world’s hungry and the enormous scale of unnecessary food wastage.

We sincerely hope that the small sacrifice made by MCM’s Senior School community participating in the frugal lunch will raise awareness of these important global issues and also increase our own self-awareness of what we eat and how much we waste. Every little effort can make a big difference.

Amy Church
Head of Outreach


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