Year 8 Council Meeting

On Friday morning (25th) the Y8 students were summoned to an ‘emergency’ Council Meeting to discuss the controversial developments on Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. The Year 8’s have been working on persuasive speeches in their English lessons since the beginning of Lent Term. They have been learning about different persuasive techniques and integrating them into their own writing. The current controversy over developments in Kampung Baru has been the backdrop to the module. The pupils were challenged to become a local resident and argue for or against the proposed development. Nine pupils were selected from all classes to present their arguments in the final Council Meeting. Mrs Stevens played the role of ‘Chair of the Council’ and introduced each speaker (resident). She was extremely impressed by the performances and was able to note the key persuasive techniques they were using in their writing. There were some passionate and emotive arguments put forward from both sides, with evidence of carefully considered and well-researched arguments. At the end of the meeting, pupils were invited to vote on the outcome and the result was extremely close. Thirty-five residents voted for the development and thirty-two residents voted against, which means that the development will go ahead. The best speaker, also voted for by the pupils, was Layla Timimi.

Rachel E Brooke
Year 6 Form Beak

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