Prep School Science week 15th-19th January 2018

This year’s Science Week was kicked off in grand style with a Science show from the travelling Science juggler, Dr Ken, who came with a message and wowed Years 3 to 8 with his ‘How to Save the Planet in 45 minutes’ show. He spent the rest of the day involved in workshops with Years 4 and 8 in which they made useful ‘scientific stuff’ out of recycled materials. Meanwhile, the Year 3 pupils were very excited by their trip to the Senior School Science labs, where Mr. Dempster and Ms. Nixon showed them all of their wonderful animals, including snakes, catfish and crabs. Year 6 pupils were involved in an extremely important Murder Mystery investigation as they helped Chief Inspector Tomlinson and the Prep Science CSI team uncover the truth behind the brutal ‘murder’ of Mr Halls. Using several scientific techniques, including chromatography, flame testing, soil analysis and finger print testing they managed to track down the culprit. The Year 7 pupils took up the 2 minute challenge, in which they had to modify the variables in a chemical reaction in order for it to produce a precipitate in exactly 2 minutes, which they managed with great success.

As part of a previous Science Week, Prep School pupils raised money in order to adopt two orangutans at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo. This year, money was raised through a drinks sale, with the help of the Outreach team, in order to renew this adoption. Meanwhile, Year 8 pupils took part in a practical Science Competition, which involved several activities, including building the tallest tower out of straws. The Pre- Prep pupils got involved in the fun on Friday afternoon during a visit to the Science labs, in which pupils from Reception to Year 3 discovered science by using exciting equipment such as microscopes and tuning forks. At the same time, Year 5 embarked on a ‘Get Moving’ workshop during their visit to Legoland in which they designed toy cars in order to make them steam-lined.

The week was finished off with three exciting and informative talks given by Senior Science beaks. First, Dr. Tomlinson enthralled Years 4 and 6 with his ‘Space, the Final Frontier’ talk, in which the Year 4 pupils in particular got very excited during the making of a scale model of the solar system! Next, Ms. Nixon impressed Year 8 by discussing the science involved in sports, most especially those in the forthcoming winter Olympics. Finally, Ms. Tolba involved Year 7 pupils in her Marine Biology talk, where she explained how to use diving equipment and how marine debris is affecting the marine ecosystem and what we can do to improve this. She finished with an exciting Kahoot quiz to see what they had learned. There was still time for one last event, as Chief Inspector Tomlinson made a surprise appearance at the end of the Space talk in order to make an arrest! Mr. Monk was duly taken away to the police station, much to the approval of the Year 6 team of forensic investigators! A great week was had by all Prep School pupils in which they learned lots of science and had a fun time!

Justine Tomlinson
Head of Prep School Science

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