MC2 Outreach Trip to SK Ladang Pendas

After a hearty brunch on Sunday, the MC Squared group climbed into a bus to head to SK Ladang Pendas, a local government school in JB. SK Ladang Pendas offers local children in the area an education and the opportunity to learn English. It also very kindly offers clothing and trainers to local children, as well as washing their clothes. As a group we all collaborated to raise funds; buy laundry supplies; and collect trainers and toiletries for the children –  and we were more than happy to finally see our efforts come to fruition.

Upon arriving at SK Ladang Pendas, we were greeted by a rowdy and excited group of children who were very happy to have an opportunity to be taught English. After the children split into their classes, we worked with them, teaching a range of English vocabulary. One group spent time with the younger Year 3 children teaching them how to tell the time; another taught the more experienced Year 5 children common school and stationery vocabulary with one of the school’s teachers. The children, smiley as ever, were thrilled to be taught these new words in English. It made us as a group feel very grateful to be teaching such happy and responsive pupils. At the end of our session we re-grouped to play an energetic game of  ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ to put their newly learned time-telling skills to the test. We all ran, played and laughed with the children and had a fantastic time. At the end, we felt incredibly sad that we had to leave them behind and that we couldn’t spend all day with them, but the MC Squared group isextremely keen to keep raising funds for them and to visit again in the future.

We would like to give our biggest of thanks to Ms Helena and the College for helping to organise and allow us to take part in this fulfilling trip.

Words – Jame Gibson MH L6
Photos – Amrit Fernando MH L6

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