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On Tuesday evening (23 January) six courageous young men and women from the MCM Sixth Form, each accompanied by a Sixth Form guest together with Mr Eatough and Ms Bridgman, joined the Master and Mrs Stevens as they launched MCM’s Lectern Club at the Master’s Lodge, with the theme ‘If I ruled the world…..’

Proceedings commenced with a formal dinner showcasing the talent of the MCM catering team, where following a delicious starter course, Tess Siah (Honan House) bravely took up position behind the lectern to deliver the first speech in the short speech category, entitled “If only pigs could fly’’, focusing on the unlikeliness of being in the position of ruling the world.   Sarah Zhari (Honan House) followed with her thoughts on the linkage between power and corruption in  ‘’The Endeavour for Power” while Uma Scott (Honan House) took a more analytical approach towards the issue with her speech entitled “The Logistics of Ruling the World’’.  The long speech category, following a stunning main course, began with Victoria Yeo (Wallace House) and her speech entitled, ‘’Not I, but we’’, reminding us that  rarely does anyone accomplish anything alone, before Oliver Hughes (Wills House) regaled attendees with a polished and unexpected interpretation  of the theme, entitled ‘’Super-careless-egotistic-selfish-lazy-potus”.  Zach Ridzuan-Allen (Wills House) concluded, impressing with his ability to conjure up the imagery of middle-class misery with an erudite delivery of his speech entitled  ‘’Everybody loves the sunshine”.

Over dessert, the Master and Mrs Stevens provided congratulations and feedback to all the speakers, who had provided such thoughtful and entertaining interpretations, before announcing  Sarah and Oliver as the respective winners of the short and long categories.  The evening ended with a touch of Celtic culture by passing the Quaich, but filled with after-dinner mints rather than the traditional whisky!

Lectern Club will be held once every half-term and will provide a unique opportunity for the Sixth Form to hone their public speaking skills and grow in confidence.   The next occasion will be on 13 March:  there is already a waiting list to take part!

Heather Stevens






Heather Stevens

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