Straits Touch Tournament 2017

The College opened its gates for the 4th Annual Straits Touch Tournament on Saturday 2nd December. This year saw the largest Touch Rugby tournament to date, with a total of 32 teams from KL, Singapore and a record of nine MCM teams, competing in U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 age categories. The quality of play at the Straits undoubtedly advances with every tournament; this year’s event was no different and the standard of Touch certainly benefited further from the addition of qualified referees in the Senior categories.

Games throughout the day were fast-paced, showing great skill; outstanding physical fitness; admirable camaraderie and unrelenting determination to claim the coveted trophies. Full sunshine and limited cloud cover provided challenging conditions for all involved. However, players coped extremely well, and produced high-intensity play throughout, to ensure every match was a true representation of the impressive standard of Touch in this region.

For all the results visit the Straits Tournament Website

Mrs Riley
Head of Girls Games’

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