Performing Arts Outreach Trip to SK Ladang Pendas

SK Ladang Pendas welcomed the Prep School for a second time, on Tuesday 10th October, when 31 pupils visited the school in Gelang Patah for another morning of music, drama and dance. This performing arts outreach trip started with an impressive silat display by pupils of SK Ladang Pendas, accompanied by a live gamelan ensemble which was also made up of young performers. Thereafter, MCM’s Prep School musicians and dancers put on a short showcase, before both schools got together for a combined music and drama workshop.

Miss Grinstead, our Head of Prep Drama, led the drama segment of the workshops, working with masks to convey expression alongside movement. Pupils had to silently act out scenarios such as being ambushed by a snake, or trying to survive a sinking boat – all to great effect! For the music segment, pupils from both schools were given the choice to work on either ukuleles, djembes or singing, whereby each group prepared for a combined performance of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.

The morning ended with performances where all pupils demonstrated what they had devised and learnt; with many friendships made and high fives exchanged along the way. Outreach is an increasingly essential component in the performing arts programme here in the Prep School, and we look forward to our next visit to a different local school in November.

Mr Ang
Prep School Director of Performing Arts

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