MCM Rocks! BritPop

There was an air of anticipation around the College, on Saturday afternoon, as pupils began to warm-up the guitar amps, and put the microphones in the Theatre to the test, in preparation for this year’s MCM Rocks!  The sounds that continued to be heard through the afternoon attracted quite a crowd at times. Who could resist when such talented young people were on stage for their sound-checks?

The theme for this year’s MCM Rocks! show was BritPop.  This genre includes bands which many of my generation will remember, although, as time moves on, even great bands such as Oasis and Blur begin to be forgotten.  Therefore, it was wonderful that so many pupils brought their music to life, even if only for one night.

The audience was treated to a wide mixture of songs by Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Keane, Oasis, The Cranberries, Blur, Radiohead, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and The Wombats.  They were performed by bands representing all year groups from the Upper Sixth down to Year 8, including the College Choir and Orchestra, with almost a quarter of the Senior School performing in this year’s show. We were also entertained by Hani Aswandi and James Gibson, who were excellent MCs for the evening.  With the outstanding performances we saw, everybody was left wanting more, and we look forward to seeing what next year may bring.

Geraint Watkins
Director of Music

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