Theory of Knowledge – Trip to Desaru

On the first weekend of Michaelmas Term, the Lower Sixth departed for a residential trip to Desaru on the south-east coast of Johor. The objective of the outing was not only to help our cohort bond and relax before the school year commenced in full swing, but also to introduce to us what makes the IB Diploma truly unique, and to provide us with some insight of what the mysterious Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course is all about.

At the heart of TOK is the emphasis on critical thinking.  It aims to provide pupils with the skills to analyse the scope of their subjects in greater depth.  TOK starts by asking ‘what is the nature of this area of knowledge?’.  For example, if you’re doing an art project, you would start by asking, “What is art?”  “How is art valued?” “Is it based on the artist or the content of the piece?”  TOK places the emphasis on asking questions about our knowledge, as often the answers are open-ended.

Pupils enjoyed collaborating both inside and outside of the meeting room, whether that was taking part in the evening’s karaoke, building a floating raft or discussing topics such as: “What makes a good education?’’ “Are emojis a language?”  “Do our eyes deceive us?”  “Can mathematics describe the world?”

Overall, the trip successfully started pupils’ journey of life-long learning.

Mr Tapp
Head of TOK


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