My Beagle Hash Experience

I volunteered to do the beagle hash with a friend from Munawir Hill, called Rafiq. We weren’t sure what to expect, but after the week of prep and doing the event we decided that we had clearly made a good decision! Dr Hakimi had kindly made the Hash tags in the Munawir colours and Mr Ogilvie had completed a recce of the course with Mr Harkins on Monday.

Our job was to lay the tags for which the people would follow when it came to the event on Friday, so we headed out after school on Wednesday to set the course with three other beaks. There were clouds above and a drizzle of rain started as we set off. I was expecting a storm but it managed to stay vaguely clear. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the course and generally having a good time. It was the exciting prospect of knowing the course and being able to lay it out. The plantation was a great place to be as we saw lots of wildlife such as monkeys swinging from one palm tree to another. Rafiq and I took turns to lay the tags and the 5.5km course seemed to go very quickly.

On the day of the hash I was very excited to do the course that I and a few others had laid. It was a much nicer day than the day when I set it, which we were all glad of!  Being the first weekend of term meant that whole boarding community were present and with a large number of staff also attending the numbers swelled to just over 200. It was fantastic to see all the houses wearing their swipes, which added to a great atmosphere.

Before we started Mr Ogilvie briefed us all on what the tags looked like and what each of the checkpoints represented… from circle points to T checks. We then slowly jogged from court to the starting point, which was on the road just outside of the front gates.  Again a few words were said and then we were off. I ran most the first 4km but was struggling as I had completed two sporting activities during Friday afternoon activities! There were many twists and turns, puddles and ditches, but I loved running through the plantation. I really enjoyed the really deep puddle in which everyone got soaked. The last 1.5km I walked with friends as I was very tired!  We all got back to school and enjoyed a nice curry to top a great day and a really enjoyable beagle hash.

Words – George Neale – Remove
Filmography – Jackson McNaught – L6
Photos – Amrit Fernando – L6

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