Into the Woods

On Friday 9th June, the curtain came down on the Upper Prep production of Into the Woods JR and I couldn’t be happier with the result; the show was professional, slick and assured. The commitment of the cast and crew to their roles was outstanding and all involved should be very proud of their efforts.

The show is challenging musically and also in terms of lighting, staging, sound, costumes, hair and makeup. It is a tribute to everyone that, on the final night, we received the first standing ovation that a Prep School show has seen. The costume team of MCM mothers again pulled out all the stops for the production; the creations for the myriad different characters were outstanding. Mr Ang was the driving force behind the music for the show and ensured that the songs were outstanding. The Art and Design beaks have been of great help over the year with ideas for sets and props and I am very grateful for all their efforts.

James Fowler
Head of Prep Drama

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