GCSE Art and Design Technology Exhibition

The GCSE Art and Design Technology exhibition opened on Friday 9th June in the Morris foyer. We were delighted so many parents, members of Common Room, visitors and pupils came to view the work of our young artists and designers. They have worked hard over the two years of the course to produce such an impressive display of high quality, personal outcomes.

The Design Technology work on display is the result of nearly a year’s worth of hard work. The pupils responded to a task to design a light for a specified purpose and were taken on a journey through the design process. Their work began with gathering primary and secondary research that led to an individual design specification. Next, a range of initial ideas were generated and, after rigorous testing and modelling, the best elements of these ideas were then developed into a final piece. After careful planning, the products were then constructed in our workshop using traditional methods alongside more modern industrial CAD/CAM processes. Once completed, the projects were tested and evaluated against their original design specifications. The creative outcomes demonstrate a great skill set from some emerging designers represented in the end results, including a Balinese inspired piece and an ‘Ecolight’ using reclaimed wood from the new Prep School building site. Thanks go to Mrs Anne Crump for leading the designers through this exciting project.

Each artist is showing a coursework project and an examination project in their own space. All followed two themes over the course: ‘Structures’ and ‘Journeys’ and these form their coursework portfolio. The examination or externally set assignment is based on a title provided by Edexcel which was ‘Beginnings and/or Ends’. The pupils received the title in late January and created the final artwork in a ten hour examination. Every artist also has a large and impressive sketchbook for each project. We are delighted that a good number of our exhibiting artists are continuing with the subject next year. Thanks go to Ms Mihaela Marcovici for the work she has put into teaching and supporting the pupils.

The GCSE Art and Design Technology exhibition has become an annual event and we would like to thank all those who have made it possible, but most of all our creative pupils and their supportive parents. Our congratulations go to all our GCSE pupils on creating such interesting, dynamic and original pieces.  We look forward to next year’s exhibition with eager anticipation.

Mrs Lucy Prime
Head of Art

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