Prep School Music & Drama Recital

On the evening of Wednesday 24th May, Upper Prep pupils, beaks and parents gathered in the Betjeman pit for an intimate showcase of music and drama. It was a first on many fronts: a combined music and drama recital, an evening event for the Prep School, the reimagined use of the space that is the Betjeman pit, and the highlight of the Prep School Arts Festival.

At the same time, it was a celebration of the heart of the Upper Prep, as we said goodbye to the Betjeman building ahead of our move to the new Prep School. Indeed, new and exciting times are on the horizon, with our imminent relocation only months away – however the pit will always carry a modicum of familiarity, safety and comfort for the pupils and beaks alike, who have spent most of their days in Betjeman.

Since these termly recitals started two years ago, we have been fortunate to have witnessed an appreciable amount of ability and talent in the performing arts pass through the Prep School. This has been a testament to our pupils’ effervescence and their inclination to delve into as wide an array of co-curricular pursuits as possible. While some have chosen to pursue the arts as a divertissement to their rigorous academic life, others have embraced the thrill of performing in front of an audience of both their peers and beyond.

It was in this spirit that our budding musicians and dramatists chose to share with the audience a part of their identity through song, music and spoken word – a dramatis personae of their ever-expanding life, perhaps. We look forward to the stories that await us in our new building next year and bid a fond farewell to Betjeman.

Mr Ang
Head of Prep Music

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