Music Outreach Trip to SK Ladang Pendas

Musicians from the Treble Choir had a superb time today, performing for pupils at Sekolah Kebangsaan Ladang Pendas. After putting on a 30-minute programme consisting of choral pieces and solo performances, pupils from both schools then participated in a joint music workshop led by staff from the Music department in the Prep School.

SK Ladang Pendas is located in Gelang Petah and the school consists mainly of Orang Asli children from the vicinity. This was the first Prep School visit to the school, and it started off in suitably musical fashion as our pupils presented a delightful repertoire of traditional English folk songs, Disney hits and even a Hungarian violin intermezzo.

After this, pupils took part in an hour-long workshop using musical starting points from the traditional Malay folk song, Burung Kakak Tua. Pupils were split into three different groups: ukuleles, djembes and vocals. We also had the chance to write our own lyrics to the tune of Burung Kakak Tua, in which we sang about what a school day at SK Ladang Pendas was like and what the pupils there might get up to during lessons, or their free time. This then culminated in a joint performance by both schools, showcasing the work which they had produced in that short period of time.

As we were leaving, pupils from SK Ladang Pendas came out to wave us off, with huge smiles on their faces, only matched by our pupils’ own, and discussions are already underway as to when we shall be making a return visit. Special thanks to Miss Sundstrom, our MC2 coordinator, who helped to set up this trip with her existing links with the school. This Outreach visit is part of the Prep School Arts Festival, taking place this week.

Mr Ang
Head of Prep School Music

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