Berkat Community Berhad’s visit to MCM

On Saturday 13th May, Berkat Children’s Home from JB paid a visit to Marlborough College Malaysia. Their visit was organised and planned by the Lower Sixth members of MC2.

The day kicked off to a delicious start with everyone enjoying lunch in the Dining Hall. We then moved into the Sports Hall for some action-packed activities. We taught the children how to play dodgeball and were delighted to see how some of them had natural talent for the game. This was followed by exciting rounds of badminton and a game of football down on the pitches.

The children were chirping about swimming since their arrival and were obviously thrilled when it came to our last activity. Splashing around in the pool proved to be the highlight of the day. The visit ended with refreshing iced lemon tea, watermelon and cookies.

The MC2 members believe that reaching out and creating a strong relationship with the surrounding community is extremely important. The experience of planning such visits and engaging with new people has been invaluable to us. We hope that the children at Berkat Community continue to grow into the bright and cheerful young people that they are already on track to becoming.

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