MCM Model United Nations 2017

On Sunday 12th March 2017 the Marlborough College Malaysia Model United Nations (MCMUN) conference took place. This year the event featured 32 delegates from across the Senior School; they took part in a simulated United Nations (UN) Security Council (UNSC), ably directed and supported be a team of 12 administrative staff, each of whom were also pupils from the Senior School.

The day began with a talk from MUN Director, Mr James Unsworth, to all the boarders. This talk showed how, using the example of Mr Unsworth’s own life, an activity can become the catalyst for the pathway that one takes following graduation from school. Following this talk, MCMUN Secretary General Hakim Faizal, Deputy Secretary General Nicholas Goh and President of the UNSC Tamara Lai, were presented with their gavels for the conference, the highest honour for an MUN-er.

After a brief opening address, the conference then began with informal lobbying time, where delegates did their best to mingle with their fellow delegates, trying to form alliances and to get their points across. The issues on the agenda for the day were ‘piracy in the South China Sea’, ‘nuclear proliferation in North Korea’ and ‘the conflict in Syria’.

Following a short break for lunch, the first session began with opening speeches from the Ambassador of each member nation present. Following this, the first of the resolutions was debated and the remainder of the afternoon and evening unfolded in a series of wonderful, passionate and skilful debates on real-world contemporary global issues. The level of the debate and interplay was high and the manner in which the debate was guided by the chairs was excellent. Furthermore, the wonderful team of administrative staff, led by Eden Fall-Bailey, facilitated the day’s smooth progress.

MCMUN once again proved an invaluable holistic education experience for all those involved, whether they be first-time delegates, administrative staff, experienced delegates or chairs. The entire conference was student led and organised and its success is testament to their hard work.

Mr Unsworth
Head of English

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