Marlborough Miles 2017

The Marlborough Miles is a community charity event that has been enjoyed each year since MCM opened its doors, and today was no exception. Congratulations to all those who ran and walked for their Houses, as well as the parents, beaks and siblings who showed their support.

In the Prep School, the Houses fought it out to be the first to empty their baskets of elastic bands. Seymour was triumphant and Hunt followed closely behind, with Chichester and Merlin finishing at exactly the same time, claiming joint third place.

The Senior Houses were competing for the highest average number of laps within their Houses, and the results will be announced during the final assembly of the Lent term.

Many thanks to all who contributed generously to our charities. There is still the opportunity to donate by cash or cheque, by handing envelopes to the Main Reception and Prep Reception desks before the end of term. A reminder of this year’s charities:

Bobby’s fund: In continuing our endeavour to strengthen the link between Marlborough College UK and ourselves, we will be supporting ‘Bobby’s Fund’, a charity set up by Mrs Cox (Elmhurst Housemistress) and her husband, after they suffered the tragic loss of their 5-year-old son. Bobby passed away in July 2014, just two weeks after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain tumour, known as a Medulloblastoma.

Malaysian Red Crescent: In celebration of The Sultan of Johor’s birthday, he has chosen to support the Malaysian Red Crescent. It is seen as a leading and distinctive humanitarian organisation in Malaysia that works to bring people and institutions together for the vulnerable. Their mission is to reduce suffering, wherever it may be.

Care2Share: As an organisation, Care2Share aims to support the basic and immediate needs of various worthy causes in the Johor area. They engage with local communities in Johor Bahru, striving to source items for these facilities as expediently as possible, on an as-needed basis.

MCM Charity and Outreach fund: to support our continued Outreach and charity events.

The event drew to a close with a Malaysian feast, in celebration of The Sultan of Johor’s official birthday. Many thanks again to the MCM community for their support of the event.

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