UWCSEA Dover Phoenix Sevens Tournament

Marlborough Rugby 1st team made history on Saturday by winning their third straight sevens tournament, reclaiming the coveted UWCSEA Dover Phoenix Sevens title. Victory in the tournament never looked guaranteed, despite the team’s current run of form that has seen them undefeated in their previous two tournaments. In the second game of the day the team lost by two tries to a strong LFS team. This meant the team qualified second in the group and faced the winners of the other group, KPMBP, who had looked impressive throughout the day and won their group with relative ease. The semi final proved a very tight affair with Marlborough going behind early in the first half, however, the boys rallied and produced a formidable second half display, thanks to their superior fitness. In the finals Marlborough faced the same LFS team that had beaten them earlier in the day but a switch had been flicked and Marlborough had woken up. During a tough game both teams led, but in the final moments Marlborough took the lead and never looked back. At the award ceremony Eberendhu Igwe was awarded his second MVP award of the season, which was a much deserved award for a captain that has led a team phenomenally well, both on and off the pitch. This team has trained hard for the last 4 years together with the sole aim of building a rugby legacy for future generations to follow; with this tournament win I believe they have done that and have put themselves in the history books as one of the great school rugby teams of this region.

Mr Riley
Director of Senior School Sport

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