Straits Touch Tournament 2016

There was an impressive standard of touch on show at the annual MCM Straits Touch Tournament. The 32 participating teams from KL, Singapore and MCM played with relentless determination, making it an extremely competitive day amongst all age categories. The quality of the Straits has undoubtedly risen alongside the growth of the tournament itself, which has made a significant impact on the development of the sport for girls within the region.

U10 – 1st: SCC

U10 – 2nd: TRC Unicorns

U12 – 1st: TRC Tigers

U12 – 2nd: TRC Lions

U14 – 1st: TRC Hawks

U14 – 2nd: MCM

U16 – 1st: UWC Dover (Phoenix)

U16 – 2nd: ISKL

U18 – 1st: UWC Dover (Phoenix)

U18 – 2nd: UWC East (Dragons)

Miss Niven
Head of Girls’ Games

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