New Bikes for the College

The Friends of MCM are pleased to announce that during the half term break we were able to purchase a selection of bicycles for use by the pupils of the College. Although the main project moving forward for Friends is the Eco Garden, this has been delayed due to the Sports Hall construction works. On this basis, we agreed on a smaller project that could be achieved in the short term and could be of benefit to the pupils immediately. The bicycles have already been out on the roads, and the pictures below show what a success they have been. We would like to thank Mr Duncan Ogilvie who researched and arranged the package with the supplier and even negotiated a service agreement to ensure good upkeep. The bicycles will be utilised in the Multi-Sports programme and there will also be a schedule put together for them to be used College-wide; for boarders’ weekend trips, cycling proficiency and cycle maintenance workshops.

Justin Regan
Friends of MCM

The Multi-Sports programme at Marlborough was first offered in the last games season during Summer Term in 2016. We started with a group of approximately 10 very keen students as well as an incredibly passionate Mr Ogilvie. However, the number involved in the programme has now increased and Mr Ogilvie has expanded the programme to not only a games session on Monday and Wednesday, but also an activities session on Friday. This has definitely allowed many more students to enjoy the well-planned training sessions. Furthermore, during the last games session, we were limited to only two events of the multi-sport races – swimming and running. Now, we are fortunate enough to have been able to incorporate cycling into our training sessions as Friends of MCM have supported the Multi-Sports programme by providing us with training bikes. This has allowed the sessions to be more focussed and is also developing each and every pupil to be able to swim, run as well as cycle confidently and comfortably. I have benefitted and improved tremendously from the programme and it has allowed me to immerse myself in all sorts of races including aquathlons, duathlons and even triathlons. I am fascinated by how fast the programme has developed and will be looking forward to what the programme will encompass in the future.

Shelby Hickling  (BU U6)

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