Careers Talk with Sarita Singh from Google

At lunchtime on Friday 11th November, the Sixth Form had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Sarita Singh, the Head of Retail Operations for Google’s hardware devices business in Asia Pacific. She describes her role as working ‘with device manufacturers, telecommunications carriers and large retailers across the region to bring Google’s Android and Chrome devices to market’.

The pupils gained an insight into how the future of Google lies with making products that support emerging markets. Sarita shared her enthusiasm for working in the industry, describing the rapid pace of change and the thrill of working to get ideas off the ground. Being ‘risky’ and ‘hungry’ were highlighted as necessary attributes to succeed in this environment.

Sarita also offered some valuable advice and recommended choosing jobs that allow you to learn and develop the skills needed to help you reach your career goals.

Harrison Montgomery-Wadsley did a fantastic job leading the Q&A session, given via Google Hangout, and Alasdair Mann, Puie Kaem Kwan, Mukund Mittal and Alif Allgaier contributed some interesting questions. Many thanks to Mark Wadsley for helping to arrange this.

Following the success of this event, we are hoping to hold more careers talks for the Sixth Form, covering a range of industries. If you are able and willing to offer any contacts, please get in touch:

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