Outreach – St Christopher’s

St Christopher’s is part of the Outreach team and is a Service programme where Marlborough College Malaysia students visit a nearby church, St Christopher’s, and teach English to the local children there. The activities include reading, writing and playing games through the English language.

Every week we come up with a general theme and the activities revolve around that theme. This way, the content is more engaging as topics or subjects are diverse and the children get to learn a little of everything. Beforehand, we prepare whatever materials they require such as pictures for sentence building or games and writing instruments.

A typical Saturday session when we visit St Christopher’s often includes an icebreaker game, the main activity and an ender. The children are split up into groups for the icebreaker and main activity, and then they all come together at the end of the day.

For example, our latest session had the theme of Flora and Fauna. There were different stations set up by MCM students and the groups of children rotated to each station which discussed different places on Earth, such as a beach, rainforest or desert. In each station, the icebreaker game was a game of ‘Simon Says’ and the children in the desert group had to imitate being a mummy or form a triangle by raising their arms in the shape of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The main activity usually involves spelling and writing words they don’t always recognise, such as ‘tumbleweed’ or ‘drought’. Sometimes, however, they can lose interest in what we’re teaching, so we always have a back-up plan of another game such as hangman for spelling or pictionary, which still teaches them about the words using a different method.

At the end of the session, the children came together as one group again and for the ender activity, green paint was added as leaves to a tree painted by one of our students here in the Art department. This activity was to show the children’s commitment and perseverance to help make our world greener and cleaner, thus making the session more memorable for the kids.

Dania Azidi, L6 HH

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