Pre-Prep Art Exhibition

Within the Pre-Prep years the children are introduced to a number of art techniques which they explore and experiment with in order to create pieces of work. Throughout the course of this year they have learned to experiment with mark marking using a variety of art tools and have explored colour through learning about primary and secondary colours and have created their own colour wheels. They have used stories and traditions to create art work relating to different festivals and have learned about different artists and movements.

This term has seen the children work to put the skills they have learned into producing one exceptional piece of art that they have worked hard on.

In Reception the children have combined their hand painting, design and collage skills to create beautiful birds, butterflies and fish.

Year 1 have taken inspiration from their Pop Art theme and learned about printing and colours that complement each other.

Year 2 pupils have worked with crayons and water colours to demonstrate the skills they learned through their Aquatic Marine Life project.

Many thanks to Mr Crump and Ms Diyana for inspiring the children throughout the year in their Art lessons and for the hard work that went into helping the children complete their final pieces for the exhibition.

Kerry Duff
Head of Pre-Prep

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