Bronze International Award Expedition

On Saturday we set off on our Bronze expedition at Gunung Panti. We did some orienteering before stopping for lunch. We then headed up the mountain, an hour in it started to pour with rain. Despite this we continued to press on and continued walking. As we ascended the mountain it gradually got steeper and more rocky, this proved to be a challenge with the rain. At the top the walk continued, to get to the camp site we had to manoeuvre over many logs and fallen trees. Mrs Ashworth asked Gus for a push over a log and he over did it a bit with her landing in the mud. James’ singing kept everything going through the long walk. We all managed to cook some supper after setting up our tents, something the girls were all remarkably better at than the boys. We headed to bed praying that our wet clothes would dry overnight. In the morning we took down our tents and cooked some breakfast, our group cooked pancakes with other groups cooking porridge. We set off back down the mountain. The ground was very slippery from the rain the day before and as a result Uma and I ended up wiping out numerous times. We took our time coming down the steep bits, the highlight being climbing down backwards using the rope. A sense of relief washed over everyone when we finally hit sunlight. After a 40 minute walk along the flat ground we reached Mr McNaught with our present – a box full of leeches. He had promised everyone a merit if they brought down a leech, so you can imagine everyone was eagerly collecting leeches in the hope of gaining merits. We all managed to pass the trek and would like to thank Mr Gray, Ms Ashworth and Mr Davies-Evitt as well as the guides.


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