GCSE Art and Design Technology Exhibition

Our first GCSE Art and Design Technology Exhibition opened on Tuesday 17th May at 7.00pm in the Morris Foyer. It was a particular pleasure to be able to share the GCSE Artwork with parents, Common Room, visitors and pupils who were happy to view the work after an inspiring welcome from the Master. We are very proud of our young artists and designers who have fully engaged with every project, producing high quality, personal outcomes.

The artwork on display represents two years’ work and comprises of three projects for each pupil. With the great variety of imagery and techniques displayed it is difficult to understand that every pupil has responded to the same themes. The ‘Structures project’, completed in Remove, and the ‘Journeys project’, completed in the Michaelmas term, form the coursework portfolio. The third project is the externally set assignment; more often known as the exam and the title this year was ‘Past Present and/or Future’. The pupils received the title in late January and created the final artwork in a ten-hour exam held over a couple of days just two weeks ago. Every artist also has a large and impressive sketchbook for each project.

We are delighted that an impressive number of our exhibiting artists are continuing with the subject next year, but even those who don’t choose to continue at this stage have developed an interest and passion for life. They have gained transferable skills of creative and independent thinking, problem solving and have the ability to express and communicate complex ideas visually. Two years ago we changed our art course so that we no longer needed to post the examination work but could hold an exhibition and invite an examiner to visit. That decision, together with a talented and dedicated group of pupils, has made the exhibition possible. Thanks go to Ms Mihaela Marcovici for the work she has put into developing the new course.

The Design Technology work on display is the result of nearly a year’s worth of hard work. It comprises 60% of the total GCSE grade and, as such, is a vital element of the course. The pupils responded to a range of design briefs set by the examination board and were taken on a journey through the design process. Their work began with gathering primary and secondary research that led to a design specification. Next, a range of initial ideas were drawn up which met their individual specifications. The best elements of these ideas were then developed into a final design proposal. After careful planning, the products were constructed in our workshop using traditional methods alongside more modern industrial CAD/CAM processes. Once completed, the projects were tested and evaluated against their original design specifications.

We look forward to the GCSE Art and Design Technology Exhibition becoming an annual event and would like to thank all those who have made it possible but, most of all, our creative pupils and their supportive parents. We would like to add a special thank you to the talented MCM pianists who played throughout the evening. Our congratulations go to all of our GCSE pupils on creating such interesting, dynamic and original pieces. We look forward to next year’s exhibition with eager anticipation.

Mrs Lucy Prime
Head of Art

Mr Greg Holden
Head of Design Technology

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