‘Entertaining Science – Circus Skills’ show

On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May 2016, we welcomed Dr Ken Farquar to perform his ‘Entertaining Science – Circus Skills’ show to both Prep and Senior School pupils at MCM.

Dr Ken is a qualified Science teacher who, according to his website, completed a PhD in soap bubbles before running away to join the circus. Juggling has taken him several times around the world whilst his science training led him to the world of radio and television; producing and sometimes presenting educational programmes. His science background and unique performing talents were combined to form the Inspirational Science Theatre company. He has invaluable classroom insight working as a science, media and drama teacher.

On Monday, all Prep School pupils from Years 4 to 8 attended his hour long show during the morning, which incorporated the curriculum themes of gravity, air resistance, friction, equilibrium and gyroscopes. Senior School pupils in Shell, Remove and Lower Sixth saw the show on Tuesday. Following this, all pupils in Shell and Remove had the opportunity to join the ‘Experience the Force’ workshop.

A great time was had by all, especially those who volunteered to help out on stage with Dr Ken. Several pupils shared the limelight by balancing feathers, challenging Dr Ken to sumo wrestling and spinning a basketball on a drill! During the workshops, pupils were given hands-on experience of scientific investigations on a large scale whilst working together to create waves using a giant parachute. All in the name of Science!

Dr Tomlinson
Head of Science

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