Prefects 2016 – 17

Prefects 2016 – 17

Marlborough College Malaysia appointed its second cohort of Prefects, who will take over the excellent work of the first Prefects at the start of the Summer term 2016.

In last year’s news item it was mentioned that readers should follow the news page in a century’s time to discover the story of each of the recently appointed Prefects. This led me to consider the Prefects who entered Marlborough in 1916, which contained two men who had distinguished political careers.

Henry Brooke (Littlefield 1916-22) who was elevated to the peerage as Lord Brooke of Cumnor in 1966 was, at various times in his career, Minister of Housing and Local Government, Minister for Welsh Affairs, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster General, and Home Secretary. He also chaired the Marlborough College Council for three years and was President of the Marlburian Club. Lord Brooke was Senior Prefect of the College in his time at Marlborough.

Only three entries further down the page in the College register is Richard Austen Butler (Cotton 1916-20) who also became a Prefect and a Peer of the realm. Amongst his many political appointments, which included both Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchanger, Rab Butler is probably best remembered for the 1944 Education Act, which ensured free schooling for all up to the age of fifteen (and eventually sixteen) and created the tripartite system of grammar, secondary and secondary technical schools in Britain. He later became Lord Butler of Saffron Walden, the constituency he served for 36 years.

I was also taken by the notes alongside a third prefect of the 1916 entry. William Frith (B3 1916-21) who was a man of the turf and spent his life as Secretary of the Calcutta Turf Club (39-46), Manager and Clerk of the course at Manchester racecourse (47-63) and Managing Director and Clerk of the course at Thirsk racecourse (59-70). I can think of far worse careers, particularly if you are a good reader of the form.

We wish the new Prefects all success, not only over the next year, but for what will be exciting careers ahead.


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