Kota Tinggi IGCSE Geography Field Trip

This weekend Marlborough College Malaysia IGCSE Hundred (Year 11) pupils embarked on an insightful and educational fieldtrip to the region of Kota Tinggi in Malaysia, northeast of Nusajaya as part of a vocational research education, which will be hugely beneficial for their upcoming exams.

Marlborough College Malaysia, partnered with Ecofieldtrips Pte Ltd, a Singaporean-based company that organises interactive field courses to expand pupils’ geographical knowledge beyond the classroom, and also to teach geographical survey skills and find out how we can have a better understanding of our ecosystem. The pupils had an excellent insight into land-use in Malaysia with particular focus on urban models, crop yields, river processes and the effects of tourism on the area.

The pupils began the weekend by surveying a river, followed by a rainforest, and learning about the importance of protecting these diverse ecosystems. The second part of the trip focussed on urban fieldwork in a local fishing village, followed by surveying a palm oil plantation and gaining an understanding of the impacts that these plantations have on the environment, particularly in Malaysia.

Highlights of the trip included toasting marshmallows around the campfire, stargazing, eating delicious food offered by the Tanjung Sutera Resort, and enjoying a stunning view of the South China Sea from the dining area. Our pupils demonstrated good team-work, were actively engaged in the research/survey skill work and showed a great amount of enthusiasm and a passion for learning about the geography of the area.

Miss Fieldhouse
Graduate Assistant

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