Model United Nations KL2016

On 19th February, Marlborough’s Model United Nations team, alongside Ms Galstaun and Mr Gamble, travelled to Kuala Lumpur for the 2016 KLMUN conference at Garden International School.

Despite having a few bumps preceding the conference, the conference was truly an eventful experience. Participating in MUN has been such an advantage for us delegates. MUN has not only helped us come a bit out of our shells but has also made us more open-minded about the world. Living in an era of burgeoning globalisation, awareness of the world in which we live is incredibly important in being able to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Besides, MUN is an immensely fun way of learning about our world. Being a part of MUN also develops essential skills such as public speaking, research and teamwork skills, as well as giving us a sense of responsibility and leadership. These are all skills that will be carried forward and useful for the rest of our lives.

Aside from skill development, KLMUN has also been a great social opportunity as 20 schools in total participated in the conference. Naturally, as we have to collaborate on the creation of resolutions, interaction with other schools was inevitable. In each of our councils we formed friendships with both allies and opposition; even though delegates would sometimes argue against each other, it was all positive intellectual debate and, in theory, worked towards the same cause.

KLMUN to me has been an experience I will always remember, everything from the last minute ad-lib speeches to the new friends I’ve made. I would highly recommend this activity to anyone with any interest in voicing their opinions, making new friends or even just as a challenge for personal growth. I hope that MCM’s MUN community continues to grow bigger and stronger in the coming years.

Alasdair Mann L6 ST



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