KL Saracens International 10s Tournament 2016

The KL Saracens Rugby Tens Tournament brings together the best rugby clubs and schools from around the South East Asia region. Teams travel from across Malaysia, from Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and New Zealand. The competition is always ferocious and there is rarely, if ever, an easy game. However, MCM have enjoyed success previously as a result of the pupils’ passion and determination.

The skill levels throughout the age groups may differ but tenacity and fortitude runs thick in the veins of all our players. These are traits that allow a school of few to compete against the best. Some teams won more than others but all the players held their own and, most importantly, held their head high irrespective of the result.

The Under 18 side, in their final tournament together as a team, made the Cup final only to be beaten by a select side from New Zealand. This placed MCM as the top side from South East Asia, which is a wonderful achievement. They are a team that epitomise the values we hold dear as a school. The leaving Upper Sixth will be sorely missed.

The Under 16 side struggled with injuries and never quite found the form that won them the MCM Straits Tens Trophy earlier this year. They placed twelfth in the tournament but played with predominantly Remove players who will be already eyeing up next year’s tournament for vengeance.

The Under 14 side placed fourth overall after winning their group. This is a side that is made up predominantly of players who have had one to two years of rugby experience. They are a fine side and will be a force to be reckoned with in years to come.

The Under 13 boys had a fantastic day on Saturday, not losing a match. However this put them into a difficult pool on Day two. After losing early on in the day the young men showed great determination and bounced back finishing the day with the best rugby they have played.

The Under 12 boys ranked third in their pool despite winning two matches and losing one, their successes were due to forward dominance and earning the right to spread the ball wide. Having ranked low on the first day it was difficult for them to leave with silverware however this did not stop them from demonstrating fantastic rugby.

Our Under 11 boys drew in enormous crowds and rightly so. They stayed in the cup competition to the bitter end finishing 3rd in South East Asia. This is the second year in a row that this team has achieved this, showing depth and consistency in their performance.

The Under 10 boys played with real pride. When the backs were given quick ball they were able to hit over the gain line and score several tries from multiple phases. As with the U13s they won the Shield final and were rightly delighted with their medals as well as the progress they have made since the beginning of their season.

The tournament demonstrated that the future of MCM rugby is in safe hands.

Mr J Riley and Mr A Halls

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