Sixth Form Marlburian Event

On Saturday the Marlborough College Malaysia Sixth Formers gathered together in the Marlburian for the first formal supper of the Lent term. It was an excellent opportunity for day pupils and boarders to socialise, enjoy a delicious buffet and listen to some excellent entertainment (especially from Dr Tomlinson!)

The Marlburian Committee, supported by Mr Hardee, did a superb job of organising a three-course menu, performances by fellow pupils and fun activities following the meal. Members of the Marlburian Committee delivered heartfelt speeches about the prestige of being a Sixth Former at Marlborough College Malaysia and the fact that they will be the first graduates of the school. This is something to be extremely proud of, as they have become role models to younger pupils due to their determination to succeed in academia, teamwork and maturity.

The Marlburian has been open for over a year and has become a ‘hub’ for the Sixth Form to gather together for study and to support each other on their journeys towards graduation and university.

Miss Fieldhouse
Graduate Assistant

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