Reflective Garden

As part of the IB Diploma curriculum all pupils must meet certain requirements in regard to their CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) or co-curricular experiences. One requirement is for a group to complete a collaborative CAS project. Pupils are encouraged to opt for service-based projects, often working within local communities.

With this project the pupils developed an idea that would impact on the direct community here at MCM: a reflective garden. The aim of the project is to design a quiet place for everyone in the MCM community to be reflective and find some ‘time out’ from the busy world in which we live today. All three elements of CAS are required, with the vast majority of the design and hard work being pupil led. Although they have been planning and fundraising for weeks, this weekend saw the start of the ‘heavy lifting’ as pupils set to work early on Sunday morning to lay the path and plant bushes for the garden. The day’s work certainly made all appreciate the effort that goes into making our community a beautiful place to reside.

Mrs Hannah Tennant
Teacher of Psychology and CAS Coordinator

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